Friday, June 19, 2009

Ready for Sale (Part Two of Four)

Last week I began a four part series on the subject of getting your home ready for sale. If you missed last week’s installment you missed current real estate market trends that can help any prospective home seller set appropriate expectations.

This week we take a look at the outside of your home. Making certain that your home is the house prospective homebuyers remember and are attracted to. I called on Edmond Realtor, Ryan Hukill for help with this article. Hukill is a veteran Realtor with Paradigm AdvantEdge who has helped many sellers get the maximum value when selling their homes.

Me: “Let’s cut to the chase. When it comes to getting your home ready for sale, what is the most important thing people need to do?”

Hukill: “When it comes to selling your home, curb appeal is King. Quite simply, it's a beauty contest. A home can have the nicest interior amenities in the neighborhood, but if that home’s exterior doesn’t invite prospective buyers inside, these interior amenities will go unnoticed. I’ve seen it time and again, investing the time and money in boosting the home’s curb appeal will pay big dividends with more showings and a quicker sale.”Me: “So what are some of the specific suggestions you make to your typical client?”

Hukill: “The top three things I ask of my selling clients are that they clean, paint, and trim. Scrubbing the outside entry area of the home is critical for making a great first impression. Cob-webs, dirt, and wasp nests must be removed. Very often my clients are waiting at the homes entrance while I unlock the door. If the first thing they see is dirt and grime, it would be logical that they would assume that the inside of your home is unkempt as well.

Me: “So get specific. What should people do to boost curb appeal?”

Hukill: “If the street side entry is congested or cluttered, clean it up, even if that means getting rid of it all. The biggest mistake some people make is thinking that if their home looks good to them, it will look good to prospective buyers as well.

Me: “So your saying trust your Realtor to tell you what other people will think when they look at your home from the street?”

Hukill: “Absolutely. And don’t assume that a complete exterior makeover will be necessary. Perhaps all that is needed is a fresh coat of paint to the porch and front door to make it shine! Then get all the weeds out of the beds and lay down a fresh bed of mulch. Planting some colorful flowers will help brighten the front of your home as well. But take it one step further and edge all areas of your lawn to show potential buyers that the current owner really does care about the details. If that’s the impression projected by the home’s exterior, it'll be assumed that the interior details are just as perfect.”

Me: “Give the readers a summary thought. One thing they can hold on to that will help them sell their home in the least amount of time and get the highest sales dollar.”

Hukill: “If your home looks like the most cared-for one on the block, potential buyers will see the value and will be more willing to pay the top of the market in your neighborhood. That’s it. Like I tell all my clients, MAKE IT SHINE!”

Next week we’ll address some of the most important features on the inside of the home that are guaranteed to make your home irresistible to prospective buyers.

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